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Mobile Commands Not Going Through

When you arm your system, you should receive a confirmation that your command was sent to the panel. This is true for any command you send to your door locks, thermostat, z-wave lighting modules, or any other device linked to your panel. If your panel is not receiving your commands, complete the following steps:

1Log out of your mobile app and log back in
2Send the command from your online account center as a test
3If the account center is working but the app still isn’t, check the signal on your mobile device. Mobile commands work west if you are connected to wifi. If your communication is good, but it isn't working, delete and reinstall your app
4If neither the app nor the account center is working, go to your touchscreen panel and send a command to your door locks, thermostats, or lighting modules directly from the panel. If these devices don’t respond to commands from the panel, then there is an issue with the device. Contact our Customer Care team
5If your devices do respond to direct commands from the panel, then there is a communication issue and you will need to contact Customer Care

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