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Notifications & Alerts

Any pending alerts, notifications, or messages will appear in an alerts pop-up window at the top of your home screen. If the system detects trouble, the panel flashes a trouble alert icon and sounds a series of 6 beeps every minute until the alert message is read. Scrolling text along the bottom of the display also describes the trouble condition. After 30 seconds, the scrolling text goes away, but the beeping and flashing icon will continue until you acknowledge the alert. When you choose Alerts, the alerts pop-up window will display the number of current system trouble alerts. The alerts icon will stay on your screen until you acknowledge the trouble alerts and will then remain constantly lit until all the issues are corrected. When all issues are corrected, the icon will disappear.

To view your current trouble alerts, complete the following:

1Go to your touchscreen panel
2At the Home screen, choose the alerts icon
3View the listed trouble events. If there are more than 3 alerts, swipe the screen to scroll through the list
4Choose the alert message to acknowledge it. This action silences the alert beeps

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