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Poor Video Quality

The video quality of your Vivint Doorbell Camera video on your mobile apps, panel, and online account is dependent on many factors including; the signal strength of your camera to your panel, your home network speeds, and the number of other cameras connected to your system.

1If you feel that your video quality is poor, first check your camera’s wireless signal strength. Signal strengths between 80-100% will result in optimal performance, whereas signal strengths between 70-79% will result in reliable, yet slower, performance. If your signal strength is consistently below 70%, this could be due to your home wireless internet speeds. We recommend at least 2MBPS of upload speed per connected camera. If you know that your internet speeds are fast enough to support your cameras, but your video quality is still poor, follow the steps below
2To help you manage all of the factors that determine the quality of video that is displayed, there is a video quality slider in the Doorbell Camera settings menu. The slider will automatically default to the recommended settings based on your last panel speed test, but can be overridden manually. Keep in mind, if you adjust the video quality slider away from its recommended value, your other camera views could be impacted. You can learn how to adjust the video settings here
2If your internet speeds are above 2MBPS of upload speed and your video settings are properly adjusted, but your video quality is still low, contact customer support

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