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Problems While Provisioning

If you have a problem with provisioning your Space Monkey device, please try these simple steps. Stop at the step that corrects your problem.
1Make sure your device's power cable is firmly attach to the device, and to the power source
2Make sure your device's network cable is firmly plugged into the device, and to a direct internet connection. This must be a router that has Wireless capabilities. It needs to be plugged into the same router that your mobile app or computer is running from
3Look at the lights on the front of your device. It should be 'heartbeat' blinking blue over green. If it's doing anything else, check here to see what's going on

4Make sure your mobile app or desktop client is updated to the most recent version and restart it
5Restart your mobile device or computer
6If you are unable to connect from the app, try provisioning on a computer. If you are still having trouble on the desktop client, directly tether your computer to the same router the Space Monkey is tethered to via ethernet cable. Sometimes the Space Monkey needs a direct line to be sure that it's talking to the right client

If the problem persists, please contact support by emailing Support@spacemonkey.com

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