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Loss of Supervision

If your touchscreen panel is giving a Loss of Supervision alert for your recessed door sensor, this means it isn’t able to communicate with the device. To make sure your sensor is communicating, check the following:

1 Select your panel below for steps on how to perform a System Test:
If the System Test fails to pick up your sensor, and the sensor has had a history of low battery life, the battery is probably dead and needs to be replaced. Click here for steps on how to change the battery.
2If the battery has already been changed, or is less than a month old, make sure the recessed door sensor has not been moved from the location where it was originally installed. There should be two pieces; one in the door frame and one in the door itself. If they have been moved or dislodged, please return them to their original locations.

If your sensor has a fresh battery, is secure in the door, but still isn’t connecting to the panel, chat with one of our Smart Home Professionals for assistance.

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