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Slow Upload Speed

Uploading your data is one of the most basic and common interactions you will have with your Space Monkey. Slow upload speeds is certainly something you will want to understand and learn how to prevent. Read below to be able to optimize your upload speed:

Space Monkey saves your data in three places to ensure its safety:

1In the cache of the computer where files are first copied in
2On your Space Monkey device
3In encrypted chunks, broken up and saved redundantly on many other Space Monkey devices throughout the world

Your data is safest once all your files have passed through 1 onto 2 and into 3. However, when a lot of storage is passed in, this complete process takes some time. A few things that affect the speed of having all your files fully backed up are:

1Size and number of files
2Amount of free space (or cache) on the computer used to copy files to your Space Monkey device
3Internet connection speed from your computer to your Space Monkey device
4 Internet connection upload speed from your Space Monkey device to the Internet

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