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Heat Pump Not Functioning Properly

Some heat pumps will not function properly if the temperature outside falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperatures have not fallen below 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit, but your heat pump does not seem to be working, follow these steps to reset your heat pump:
1 Remove the bottom cover of the CT100
2There will be two switches. Make sure the switch on the left is on “Heat Pump” and not "Normal"
3Now, remove the top cover of the CT100 thermostat
4You will see a “Reset” button, located to the left side of the green circuit board. Press and hold that button for 5 seconds
5Once released the screen will dim and shortly return to normal and automatically be displayed in off mode
6Press the “Mode” button located on the front of the thermostat. This will bring you to the home screen. Press “Mode” once more to place the thermostat back into heat mode
7Press the “Menu” button located on the front of the thermostat. From here, press “HVAC set-up” from the right side of the screen. Now you should the letter "C" displayed. If you do not, click here to learn how to adjust your HVAC settings

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