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Not Locking or Unlocking

If your Vivint door lock is not locking or unlocking, check the following:

1Check for low batteries. If the red light on the back of your door lock is blinking or if you have a low battery alert on your touchscreen panel, you’ll need to replace your batteries with four new AA batteries. Click here to learn how to change the batteries
2Check to see if you can turn the latch to manually lock the door. If it locks smoothly, you may have an issue with either your user codes or the lock communication with the panel. Click here to learn how to check and set user codes
3If the key doesn’t turn smoothly, check for physical obstructions to the lock or in the door jamb. If the door lock attempted to lock, but was stopped because the door wasn’t shut all the way or there were obstructions preventing it from locking, it may need to be re-calibrated to work properly again. Click here to learn how to recalibrate your lock
4If your door lock has fresh batteries, the lock turns smoothly, and your user codes are set and turned on, there may be a communication issue. You can reboot the door lock by removing the batteries for one minute and then replacing them to help the lock reestablish communication with your touchscreen panel. Make sure that you can view your door lock from your panel and your app. If the reboot does not re-establish the connection and you are unable to remotely lock/unlock your door lock, contact customer care for assistance

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