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Not Receiving Mobile or Online Commands

If your Vivint Electronic Door Lock isn’t receiving commands from your app or your online account or if the status is not displaying correctly, check the following steps to correct the issue:

Go to your door lock and make sure it is operational.

Try locking or unlocking it with your codes.

Check and see if you can lock or unlock the door lock from your panel. If you can, try locking\unlocking from the app or online account. If both are working, then the issue is already resolved.

If up can control the door lock from the panel, but not the app or online account, try arming the system from your app or online account. If you can't do this either, you may have a communication issue and you will need to contact Customer Care.

If you can't lock/unlock the door lock from the panel, please contact Customer Care to have the door lock re-added to the system.

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